What's in your
research quality mix?

Here's what's in ours. And why it's a recipe that more than 2,000 brands trust for reliable insights.



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Everyone has their own recipe for success. And Kantar Profiles is no exception when delivering trusted data from quality panels.

We start with 100% quality sources, add in advanced technology, and finish with a generous helping of expertise in... 

— Building high-quality panels and superior sampling engines (proven track record!)
 Managing and blending sample sources for consistency (with award-winning tools!)
— Developing tools for faster, efficient data collection (for custom research!)
— Researching methods for engaging online respondents (who rate us as industry-leaders!)
— Detecting and preventing fraud (using patented methods!)
— Establishing relationships with world-leading publishers and data partners (focusing on compliance!)

...all so you can collect honest and reliable data from real people. 

We wouldn't trust insights without:



Accurate Data
from validated people

Kantar Profiles authenticates respondents through email and physical address. We also use automated and semi-automated fraud checks to ensure respondents are real and honest - providing you with accurate data.  



Consistent Data
from transparent sources

We're trusted by our clients to execute more than 1,000 trackers annually. Our decades of experience managing fieldwork and blending sources provides you with consistent insights, wave after wave.



Engaged Audiences
from honest respondents

Our award-winning survey programming tools are designed by industry experts, are optimised for the best mobile experience and proven to effectively engage online audiences.



Representative Audiences
from extensive reach

Kantar Profiles Audience Network is the industry's largest research panel with 150m+ respondents across 130 markets - providing the reach and scale needed for reaching representative audiences. 

And neither should you.