Hong Kong’s Plant-based Food Market


To explore Hongkongers' perspectives on the nutrition, taste, and product labels associated with plant-based foods and bring actionable insights to the public, food manufacturers, retailers and catering sector.






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Grasp the Hong Kong Plant-based Food Market


"Health" is the key motivator & "price" is the main barrier for the public to adopt plant-based eating

Hong Kong has a rich history of vegetarian diets and people have the habit of regularly consuming vegetarian/ vegan food, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts. The growing popularity of the "plant-based" diet concept from the West has brought a new boost to the Hong Kong market. These diets replace animal proteins with plant-based proteins to provide a nutritionally and taste-wise similar experience. With a wide range of innovative products now available, more consumers are becoming interested in and willing to try plant-based foods. Under the trend of sustainability, how will the plant-based food market further develop in Hong Kong?



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Highlights of the report



I. Market overview 市場總覽

How big is the plant-based food market in Hong Kong? 香港植物基食品市場有多大?

Why are consumers choosing plant-based foods? 爲什麽消費者選擇植物基食品?

II. Plant-based in retail 植物基食品的零售潛力

What categories are the most popular? 

What categories have the greatest potential? 

How to increase consumers’ purchase willingness? 如何提升消費者對植物基產品的購買意願?

How to incorporate plant-based dishes to consumers’ daily diet? 如何讓植物基菜式成爲消費者日常飲食?

III. Plant-based in catering 餐飲業中的植物基食品

Can plant-based dishes increase consumer spending at restaurants? 植物基菜式能提升消費者在餐廳的消費嗎?

What vegan dishes are most appealing to consumers? 什麽純素菜式最能吸引消費者



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