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Answering the Tough Questions: The Martin Filz Edition

Posted by Martin Filz on Aug 28, 2012

Martin Filz is the Managing Director for GMI EMEA.

Something a client said that made me think

“Clients should be at the heart of all of our business decisions. As companies grow it is imperative that they remain close to their clients, understanding their needs and continually striving to “delight.” As a senior leader, I aim to spend as much time as possible with our clients through industry events, with team members and 1:1s. In a recent meeting with a client, they mentioned how their own team members didn’t fully appreciate the opportunities and challenges of online research. With the wealth of online research experience within GMI, we agreed with the client to put together a series of “lunch and learns.” These will be held at the client offices, and over a period of eight weeks cover a range of topics aimed at ensuring that our client really takes advantage of the power of online research. Online research is such a part of our lives and we can’t take for granted that best practice is understood across our industry.”

The biggest change I’ve observed in the MR industry

“Specifically for an online panel company such as GMI, the biggest change I have observed is the advancement in technology in the market. Twelve years ago, when the first online panels started being used, the method of communication was by email to a panelist’s PC. This made the creating of surveys and analysis of the results relatively straightforward. Today we use PCs, smartphones, tablets and even our television sets to interact with each other and the Internet. This means that in survey design, delivery and analysis we have to take into account how the respondent is completing their survey. We see in our Research on Research that individuals respond differently depending on their device. We need to ensure that the experience is consistent so that the data isn’t skewed in any way.”

My prediction for the industry

“The main topic being covered today with respect to online research is “big data.” At GMI and Lightspeed Research we are in a relatively unique position within the online panel industry in that we have large continuous panels and do not rely as others do on “river sample.” One of the advantages of consistent panel sample frame is that you can build a close relationship with your panelists. With their permission, beyond surveying the panelist you can track their digital fingerprint, their media consumption, online shopping habits and even their online spend. Couple this with offline data capture for the panelist and we are able to deliver a wealth of information to help direct our clients’ business decisions and research findings. The key to gaining a complete 360-degree view of an audience and building “big data” is through the permission-based relationship we have with our panelists.”

The book I’m reading now is

“Six months ago, Lightspeed Research acquired GMI. This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies. The coming together of two industry leading companies increases our panel reach, brings increased efficiencies through software and systems and improves our client delivery through the adoption of best practices by two of the most talented teams in the online panel industry. Since I started a month or so ago, I have been working with the talent in Lightspeed Research and GMI to identify how we can really take advantage of the resources available. Change Management and Business Integration is something that can truly give competitive advantage when executed well. At the core of this are the people of the organisation. With this in mind my reading material is focused toward people and business integration and I’m currently reading a great book called “Drive” by Daniel H. Pink. The book is about how successful businesses motivate their talent to create success.”

- See more at: http://www.ls-gmi.com/future-of-online-research/answering-the-tough-questions-the-martin-filz-edition/#sthash.17jXn8i7.dpuf

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