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Leveraging Social Intelligence Tools: How Trump Can Avoid Blowing SNL Hosting Gig

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Nov 6, 2015

It’s always risky to host Saturday Night Live (SNL); not everyone can do “funny.” For most politicians, spoofing pop culture with outrageous punchlines falls outside their wheelhouse. Add to this the broader reality of dropping poll numbers and a generally regarded unremarkable CNBC GOP debate recently, Donald Trump’s November 7th SNL hosting gig has a lot riding on it.

What can the Trump brand do to capitalize on this opportunity? The more you know your audience and can anticipate their reactions, the better skilled you will be at crafting the best laughs. As part of Lightspeed GMI’s Election in Context project, we’ve pulled out some details that might help Trump make the most of this opportunity. 

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How to Win with Hispanics on Facebook: A Quick Service Restaurant Case Study

Posted by Dr. Jake Beniflah on Sep 16, 2015

Everyone knows the numbers and the growth story. 

Online Hispanic consumers are a valuable segment in the US population that is socially engaged. There are 41 million Hispanics online who over-index on key digital behaviors. According to recent research by Unilever and Mindshare, Hispanics are twice as likely to share content as non-Hispanics, and do so five times more frequently. This represents a tremendous opportunity for brands, with an IRI analysis showing that a $1bn+ CPG company can earn an extra $71m in revenue annually by investing more effectively in the Hispanic consumer.

But how many of you have grown your client's business on Facebook? 

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Sounds of Summer: Leveraging Relevant Music to Create a Brand Sound

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Aug 11, 2015

Increasingly, global brands understand that music is a critical part of the customer experience. As PlayNetwork pointed out in “Brands, Consumers, and The Sound Between,” successful leveraging of music is its own form of currency that buys more credibility with consumers. In order for brands to cash in, they need to integrate music in ways that feel culturally relevant while still being branded. For companies trying to nail a complementary “brand sound” delivering relevant music that feels authentic is critical.

“Customers can tell whether or not your brand actually loves music or if you’re trying to force it. Music can elevate a brand in ways that copy and images just can’t, but it’s got to be real.”[i]

With summer in full tilt, the beer category is among the best positioned to leverage brand sound as part of their marketing strategy.

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Fifty Shades of Targeting: Tapping into Social Intelligence Insights

Posted by Becki Southern on Apr 22, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey has many claiming it was one of the 'worst' films to hit the box offices in years, yet its $567 million box office worldwide total speaks differently. The film’s global influence offered brands an “opportunity to engage with the young, upmarket, early-adopting, social media savvy audience the film is set to attract” according to Karen Stacey, CEO of Digital Cinema Media (DCM) in AdAge.

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Facebook Face-off: Cosmetics

Posted by Edward Staples on Dec 15, 2014

Multicultural consumers are of increasing importance in market research as they represent the fastest growing segment of buyers. Most of today’s market researchers understand the importance of multicultural research, but many of us struggle with the question of how and when to apply it. Evidence of that is research from The Center for Multicultural Science which estimates that, “Most syndicated research under-represents the size of Hispanic sales by ~20-60%.” To offer examples of how you can realize the value of multicultural research, we took a look at brand fans of two cosmetics industry leaders, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.

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Context Mindshare Comparison: Spotify Fans vs. Taylor Swift Fans

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Nov 18, 2014

The internet is ablaze with the Spotify and T-Swizzle drama. It’s being discussed at the water cooler and in client meetings. So what is my opinion? Not sure, so I decided to do a little reading and form one. Firstly my disclosures are that I, like many 30 somethings have a 17 year old self inside that is alive and well; I love the new Taylor Swift Album. I am also a frequent Spotify user, recently having become a premium member and paying the $10 per month.

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