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The Evolution of Social Media

Posted by Siddartha Dutta on Mar 2, 2015

Social media has come a long way since its humble beginnings. This evolution in consumer behavior is impacting the data collection process globally -- opinions are shared to an open network, unsolicited. The adoption of smartphones and tablets has happened seemingly overnight, yet the next big development could change things again in an instant. By measuring changes in user adoption and online behavior, businesses can stay on the pulse of their evolving consumers.

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Celebrating Valentine's Day

Posted by Lamia Lee on Feb 12, 2015

This week, we asked panelists in the Asia Pacific region how they plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. In Australia, 51% of respondents said that they do not celebrate Valentine's Day, as did 42% in Korea. In other countries, such as China and Japan, panelists will be celebrating by exchanging gifts, flowers and chocolates, and/or dining out for the occasion. See the full results of our survey below.

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The Digital Consumer in Asia-Pacific: More Opportunities to Capture More Information

Posted by Laura Robbie on Oct 19, 2014

Technology has considerably evolved – breeding a new type of consumer. Smartphones now dominate web browsing and social media enables consumers to openly voice opinions. Lightspeed GMI built its mobile offering on the same state-of-the-art platform used to conduct online surveys, resulting in one integrated solution for various data collection methodologies. With huge growth in the people accessing the Internet via mobile devices, there are more opportunities to capture information about purchasing behaviors and activities in real-time. Here is snapshot of the digital consumer across the Asia-Pacific region.

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