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Tiama HD Fowler

Product Marketing Director
Tiama HD Fowler served as Product Marketing Director at Lightspeed from 2013 to 2017 , where she serves on the Global Marketing and Business Strategy Team. Daily responsibilities include driving multiple aspects of product development and management and serving as a key interface with clients and business development teams for the Lightspeed product portfolio.

Since joining the company in 2006, Tiama has worked in a variety of client facing and product related roles, focusing mainly on global strategic business development opportunities and advancing innovative methods for conducting online quantitative research.

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Why Audience Targeting is something Market Researchers need to Familiarize Themselves With

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Jun 15, 2016

Historically and simplistically speaking, market research is often a tool used to help clients make informed decisions relative to media buying. The typical scenario used to look like this:

Our clients would buy media based on a series of inputs; survey data being just one. If a client wanted to advertise their new sports product, they’d likely purchase an ad spot in the sports section of a newspaper or on ESPN.com. If a second client wanted to promote the upcoming season of their TV show, they might advertise for it on a series of entertainment focused websites. In this model, media content was a proxy for media buying. The decision was likely influenced by several data points, i.e. survey data, viewership information or market trend data. The assumption was if a consumer was looking at ESPN.com or reading the sport section of a newspaper, they may be interested in the first client’s sports product. If a consumer is surfing one of those entertainment websites, they may be more interested in the upcoming season of the second client’s show.

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Topics: Market Research, media buying, audience targeting

Marketing Research Today: The Growing Importance of Target Marketing

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on May 11, 2016

Over recent years technology has changed what the marketing research industry is as well as what it does.  Because of this, agile research has become increasingly popular for researchers and clients who need on-demand data and broader insights. With the onset of technology and data analytics companies, we have found opportunities to couple third party data with panel survey results. Clients began asking us to make it easier to combine survey responses with other types of data to better understand their targets. Given we have more than 200 profile attributes stored for sampling and or appending, clients were eager for us to add second and third party marketing data that provided broader perspective. This has also allowed clients to shorten surveys and make them more engaging. The results have provided our clients deeper insights and better data quality.

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Topics: Social Media, Marketing Research, data enrichment, data append

Political Profiler: Tapping Into Voter Insights

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Jan 21, 2016

Recently Lightspeed GMI added verified voter data to our list of panel profilers. We did this by partnering with a political data provider who maintains a national database of more than 190 million voting records, including past behavior in state and federal elections. By matching our U.S. panel against this database and making the results of those matches available for sampling, our clients benefit from improved targeting for political research. For example, with our panel it’s now much simpler to ask political questions to past or prospective voters:

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Topics: Market Research, Political Profiler, Consumer Insights

Leveraging Social Intelligence Tools: How Trump Can Avoid Blowing SNL Hosting Gig

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Nov 6, 2015

It’s always risky to host Saturday Night Live (SNL); not everyone can do “funny.” For most politicians, spoofing pop culture with outrageous punchlines falls outside their wheelhouse. Add to this the broader reality of dropping poll numbers and a generally regarded unremarkable CNBC GOP debate recently, Donald Trump’s November 7th SNL hosting gig has a lot riding on it.

What can the Trump brand do to capitalize on this opportunity? The more you know your audience and can anticipate their reactions, the better skilled you will be at crafting the best laughs. As part of Lightspeed GMI’s Election in Context project, we’ve pulled out some details that might help Trump make the most of this opportunity. 

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Topics: Context, Social Media

Sounds of Summer: Leveraging Relevant Music to Create a Brand Sound

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Aug 11, 2015

Increasingly, global brands understand that music is a critical part of the customer experience. As PlayNetwork pointed out in “Brands, Consumers, and The Sound Between,” successful leveraging of music is its own form of currency that buys more credibility with consumers. In order for brands to cash in, they need to integrate music in ways that feel culturally relevant while still being branded. For companies trying to nail a complementary “brand sound” delivering relevant music that feels authentic is critical.

“Customers can tell whether or not your brand actually loves music or if you’re trying to force it. Music can elevate a brand in ways that copy and images just can’t, but it’s got to be real.”[i]

With summer in full tilt, the beer category is among the best positioned to leverage brand sound as part of their marketing strategy.

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Topics: Context

Leveraging Lightspeed GMI Honesty Detector for Research Quality

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Nov 26, 2014

Depending on who you ask, the idea of a ‘lie detector’ might spark visions of Orwellian instruments of torture or Tom Cruise sweating it out in Minority Report (or Tom Cruise sweating it out under E-Meter for that matter!). At Lightspeed GMI, we think about lie detectors as less sinister and more scientific. As part of our commitment to helping clients ensure they’re drawing business conclusions from accurate data, we spend a lot of time thinking about measuring and ensuring quality. We even have a suite of services that we offer as standard on our business to make sure we’re truly delivering on our promise of making good research easy to conduct. Lightspeed GMI Honesty Detector is one of services we use. ‘HD’, as we affectionately call it, helps evaluate the extent to which survey respondents are truthful in answering questions. It’s these respondents who provide a portion of the foundational data for a client’s business decision.

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Topics: Honesty Detector

Context Mindshare Comparison: Spotify Fans vs. Taylor Swift Fans

Posted by Tiama HD Fowler on Nov 18, 2014

The internet is ablaze with the Spotify and T-Swizzle drama. It’s being discussed at the water cooler and in client meetings. So what is my opinion? Not sure, so I decided to do a little reading and form one. Firstly my disclosures are that I, like many 30 somethings have a 17 year old self inside that is alive and well; I love the new Taylor Swift Album. I am also a frequent Spotify user, recently having become a premium member and paying the $10 per month.

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Topics: Context

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