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Smart Speakers: The Next Step for Modern Survey Design? 

Posted by Kantar on Apr 5, 2018

Smart speakers are dramatically affecting consumers’ daily lives. According to Quartz blog, “These devices give companies access to a trove of user data in the form of every command a user asks of their device.” Today, 34 percent of Americans own a smart speaker and a new wave of devices are now hitting the consumer market.

Are smart speakers the next step for modern surveys? As experts in the data collection space, we’ve been asking our clients to adapt their survey design and interview techniques. Respondents are demanding that we supply them with shorter, more engaging surveys, so at Lightspeed we opted to do some research around smart speaker devices. Who owns them? Which devices do they own? How much do they use them? And most importantly, are they willing to use them to answer research questions?

We interviewed 1,097 US and 1,177 UK Lightspeed panelists, including those on the VICE Voices panel, in March 2018.  Explore some of the results below.


Click here to learn more about Lightspeed's VICE Voices panel


Topics: Consumer Insights, marketing research technologies, modern surveys, smart speaker

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