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Austen Lear

Manager, Sourcing, The Americas

Austen Lear leads our Sourcing Subject Matter Expert team in the Americas. Austen works in partnership with sampling experts to jointly drive the Sourcing and Sampling strategy at regional level -- creating better ways of working for our teams. In this role, Austen leverages his expertise to recommend quality sources, including double-opt-in panel, programmatic supply and Lightspeed’s Gravity Network, to meet our clients’ consumer, healthcare professional and B2B research needs.

Prior to this role, Austen spent two years as Project Lead for our programmatic supply, working closely with sales, operations and technology teams to improve sampling processes. He also spent over 8 years as a Senior Client Operations Coordinator at Lightspeed, working in tandem with sales teams providing feasibility and preparing proposals for clients.

Austen holds a B.S. in Marketing and Communication from Seton Hall University.

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Sampling & Sourcing Pitfalls: Quota Problems?

Posted by Austen Lear on Aug 27, 2018

We’ve all been there. You spend endless hours perfecting a survey and imagining your ideal audience fallout. Might as well set some quotas to ensure that desired outcome, right? But now, as you take a step back, those quotas are starting to look a bit unrealistic and a little overwhelming. Take a deep breath, because I’m here to help provide solutions for some common pitfalls when it comes to setting quotas.

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Topics: Online Sampling, Data Quality

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