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Bridget Brinkofski

Account Director, Kantar Added Value

As Account Director, Bridget Brinkofski - Milnes leads the strategic and tactical support for Kantar Added Value. A member of the Business Development Team supporting Kantar AMS, she drives the success of the digital data collection for Added Value’s online research.

Bridget Brinkofski – Milnes joined Lightspeed GMI in 2010, having worked on the Kantar Verticals team as Pricing Coordinator and the Added Value as Account Executive prior to her role as Account Director.

Bridget earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Arizona State University.

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Your Assumptions are Wrong; Three Ways Market Research is Changing…Again

Posted by Bridget Brinkofski on Apr 21, 2016

Change is the only absolute. After all, clichés are clichés for a reason. The marketing research industry itself is always moving, innovating, adapting. We’re reaching audiences in new ways and accessing new data sources to provide insights. There has never been a more exciting (or scary) time to be in the MR field. But what about the base assumptions we have about consumers? What data is important or the best way for advertising to be effective? We live in a changing world, and our assumptions need to change too.

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