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Posted by Matt Hunt on Apr 20, 2016

A study recently conducted by Lightspeed GMI, a leading global online research provider, shows only 54.4% of Australians plan to mark ANZAC Day this year.

Although this is a lower than expected percentage, for those that mark ANZAC day they do so with deep reverence. For 83.6% the day means remembering fallen soldiers, of which 33.3% specifically remember a loved one who fought for Australia and 23.0% remember a loved one who served in the military somewhere else. Just 12.9% see it as a day off work.

 The top three ways that this segment of the population will mark ANZAC Day 2016 are;

  1. With family
  2. Dawn service
  3. With friends

Again true to their main focus of the day, only 6.5% plan to partake in two-up, suggesting this is more of a time of reflection than celebration or playing.

They were, however, more divided on the topic of ANZAC Day’s place as a public holiday. When reminded of some states not having a public holiday carried in 2015 due to it falling on a Saturday, 52.9% agreed it was right and 47.1% disagreed. Yet, there was more unity when asked why they reached this decision.

In agreement not to carry the holiday from a weekend;

“ANZAC Day is about taking the time to remember the fallen, if it falls over a weekend you don’t need a day off as you already have the time.”

In disagreement;

“Anzac Day, after Australia Day, is the most significant day in our calendar - a public holiday is fitting.  After all we have public holidays for the Queen's Birthday, that no longer have any meaning for Australians.”

Commonly throughout all of this feedback they felt the day was important but how to go about it was the influential factor of difference.

This was also reflected in the words most commonly associated with ANZAC Day;


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