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David Tripepi

Product Manager, Data Services

David is a member of the Global Product team, where he brings valued cross-disciplinary experience to improve the life cycle of our data commercial products. Since joining the team in March of 2016, he has expanded third party data coverage of our online panels as part of the Connect and Activate strategy.

David joined Kantar in October 2004 as a Junior Research Executive for the Kantar Millward Brown pan-European account and developed his career within the Client Operations department over six years. He moved to Global Operations in December 2010, where he worked as a Prince2/Agile project manager at a global level, responsible for planning and managing the implementation of both business and technology initiatives that support the strategic objectives of Kantar.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Advertising & Marketing from Lancaster University.

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Connecting Data Sources with Security

Posted by David Tripepi on Oct 7, 2019

The biggest misconception since the launch of GDPR is the belief the European legislation, published in May 2018, changed the landscape of privacy and security. However, what it actually did was set more stringent checks on the preexisting legal processes and privacy compliance, as well as increase the level of accountability through heftier penalty charges for those noncompliant.

So, how do we manage data and connect data sources safely without fear of handling the personal data of our customers and respondents in a careless manner?

We should start by stating the obvious concept of anonymisation.

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Topics: Data Driven Marketing, Privacy, Data Quality, MRX Trends, data enrichment, marketing research best practices, data series, gdpr, data search

Connecting Third Party Data: Marketing Data Integration (Part 3)

Posted by David Tripepi on Aug 22, 2018

Survey respondents have a digital life outside their online panel community; a life as a consumer, an influencer and a potential buyer. But technology is evolving, and so is digital usage. Consumers are leaving a bigger digital fingerprint that increases exponentially by the minute, if not by the second. It expands by source, by type and by size. It is creating an ocean sized pool of third party data, which we are still learning how to best utilize in our data collection and analysis.

In our Marketing Data Integration series, we first touched upon how to get the best data output from your survey questions, now we will look at integrating third party data. How can we access this data pool? How do we link survey data to it for a holistic, enriched view of our customers and non-customers? Let’s explore…

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Topics: data append, modern surveys, data series

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