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Marketing Data Integration Series Introduction

Posted by Jacqui Amaral on Aug 1, 2018

Anything and everything is now digital, and consumers are spending endless hours online. This isn’t new information for market researchers. Mary Meeker recently released her 2018 Internet Trend Report, and her key findings indicate that more than half the world is online so there are fewer new people to connect with. Here are just a few of her other takeaways according to Recode:

As researchers, providing us access to data from new sources like customer data platforms, voice control, and all corners of the World Wide Web could be considered the equivalent of sticking a kid in a candy store. Or maybe even Charlie in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Exciting yes, but completely overwhelming for some.

So, how do you navigate all of this data? How do you best utilize existing data in new research?  How do you effectively use your audience segments for media activation? How do you validate your own data and your client’s data to improve accuracy? We’re kicking off a six part blog series to explore new, modern ways to collect, integrate, validate and visualize data for your quantitative research.

With the help of Lightspeed and Kantar data experts, we’ll look at:

  1. How to ask questions for the best data output 
  2. Searching for data that already exists 
  3. Connecting third party data to what you’re collecting 
  4. Maximizing segmentation ROI with media activation  
  5. Validating data in a GDPR world and other data sets we collect and connect
  6. Visualizing your data for productivity  

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Topics: Data Driven Marketing, data series

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