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Laura Jasinski

Global Communications Director

Laura Jasinski is Lightspeed’s Global Communications Director. In this position, she is responsible for the external communications, social media and digital marketing functions. Prior to joining Lightspeed in 2014, Laura worked in a change management role at Ernst & Young and also served as Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at HarperCollins Publishers. Laura graduated from University of Hartford with a B.A. in Communications.

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Rebuilding the Brand of Market Research

Posted by Laura Jasinski on Oct 24, 2017

“Groups often make better decisions than individuals, but you need to create an environment in which people can express themselves and in which other people are prepared to genuinely listen to alternative points of view,” stated Eric Salama in a recent blog post. He went on to say, “Marketing can be an enormous force for good. The industry should remind itself more often of the impact it can and does have.”

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Topics: Market Research Trends, Market Research

Six Tips Marketing Researchers Can Learn from Social Media

Posted by Laura Jasinski on Sep 22, 2016

Social media has caused a massive shift in the way people communicate, interact and share experiences and personal interests. Consumers are always on, always connected. Consumers build unique online relationships; they are connected to brands, athletes, teams, family, friends and co-workers on multiple channels. Sharing everything from political views to favorite products, social media users are leaking valuable information and insights for researchers to take advantage of.

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Topics: Social Media, Marketing Research

Survey Design Best Practices: Three Key Considerations

Posted by Laura Jasinski on Oct 15, 2015

As information becomes increasingly accessible, brands rely heavily on surveys for on-demand pulse measurement. Consumer feedback gathered from a properly designed survey can optimize and personalize product delivery. While technology makes surveys easier to create through DIY tools, improper survey design can result in limited or inaccurate data. By following the best practices of survey design you can increase the amount, accuracy, and relevance of data.

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