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Young Ham

Director of Data Solutions, APAC
Young’s passion for technology motivated him to lead mobile research developments and to become heavily involved in the innovation team at Lightspeed. Young has over 10 years’ experience in the MR industry and previously ran APAC programming and data processing teams. Prior to his successful career in MR, he worked as a Software Engineer and he also holds a degree in Computer Science & Engineering. Young is a qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner and most recently trained in Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt.

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The Power of Visualization: Marketing Data Integration (Part 6)

Posted by Young Ham on Sep 19, 2018

As the cliché goes, a picture says a thousand words. So, why not, after the effort we put forth in collecting our data, do we not capitalize on visuals when analyzing? How much more impactful can a visual dashboard be when portraying your datasets? In the final piece in our Marketing Data Integration series, let’s explore the power of visualization….

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Topics: data series, visualization

Enriching insights with technology

Posted by Young Ham on Nov 30, 2016

Technology is now part of our everyday lives- in how we communicate with friends, family, colleagues, how we function in all facets. But how can we leverage technology to gain deeper insights and benefit users of market research?

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Topics: Marketing Research, Video, social listening, mobile surveys, facial coding

Exploring Ways to Augment Data Collection: 2016 Lunar New Year Study

Posted by Young Ham on Feb 4, 2016

Combining Video and Mobile Responses for Cultural Insights

To explore cultural perceptions of the 2016 Lunar New Year, Lightspeed GMI recently conducted a mobile survey across China, Hong Kong and Singapore. By exploring new ways to augment data collection, we were able to gather in-depth responses through a combination of our mobile platform and VoxPopMe’s video component.

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Topics: Market Research, marketing research technologies

MRX BEST PRACTICES: How to Run a Mobile Diary Project

Posted by Young Ham on Nov 24, 2015

Mobile diary panels consist of respondents documenting their behavior patterns in real time – they tell us what they eat, who they talk to, where they shop, what they buy and how many times. You can leverage these projects to assess brand loyalty, test product strategies and evaluate customer demographics.

To ensure your respondents are successfully logging accurate behaviors, the topic of your mobile diary project should be relevant to your respondents, not just your clients. More importantly, it should be simple and short. Eye-catching (i.e., fancy or pretty) question types make the survey interesting to look at, but when it is taken multiple times (in a diary study), it loses its luster. Keeping it simple and short (KISS) makes it easier for respondents to partake quickly.

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Topics: Mobile, Market Research

Connecting consumers: How research communities boost your business

Posted by Young Ham on Jan 5, 2015

As connectivity and technology continues to develop, it is becoming easier for consumers to engage with businesses across a range of devices. This is not only giving consumers a more diverse experience, but it is also increasing the ability and the pressure on marketers to listen to their audience and respond.

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Topics: Communities

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